The Hot Pink Philosophy Queen

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Shopping and Dining In Chinatown

Today on my way to school after work I went to Chinatown to do some shopping. I wanted to get some good food for cheap while I was there. As I was walking toward Canal St. I found a store that had traditional Chinese dresses for cheap. I was thrilled when I found one in my size in pink. What made me happier was the price. $10. YEA!!!!!!!!!! By the way, it was the only one fitting both criteria.

As for lunch, I got a bento box lunch for $3.95 and a bottle of green tea for $1.29 at Delux Food Market . For dessert I got iced lemon water for $1.95 at Fay Da Bakery.

Isn't Chinatown great or what?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Signature Color

My signature color results

Hi everyone! I just took a signature color test. No surprise, my signature color is pink. Pink chiffion to be exact. There's even a matching profile. Check it out.

What's Your Signature Color?

Helen, your signature color is Pink Chiffon. There's nothing saccharine about you — your sweetness is one hundred percent natural! A gentle, thoughtful romantic like you must be paired with a color that's soft and warm — but still has a subtle sophisticated sheen. That's why Pink Chiffon is the perfect color for you! You're probably known for making the most of every situation and trying to see the best in people. But while you may be cheerful and innocent at times, you're nobody's fool. You may see the world through rose-colored glasses, but you can still see, after all. While you make wise insights time after time, it's probably your good nature and perpetual optimism that are what you're known for and what make you a joy to be around. Even those who sometimes make fun of your Pollyanna-like proclamations will turn to you when they need a friend and some cheering up. So keep pink, Chiffon. With you around, the world's a better place!