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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Buddha and Friendship

Here's a little Eastern wisdom for my friend Ben. By the way, this is his blog-

What would Buddha do to strengthen a friendship?

A friend in need walks seven steps to helps.A real comrade walks twelve to give us aid.A person walking weeks with us is kin;Walking longer they become ourself.

-Jataka 83

Perhaps the question could be changed to "What wouldn't Buddha do to strengthen a friendship?" since he would do so much. Walking with our friends when they us, we grow closer. Buddha tells us when friends need something, we should give it, not just to gratify them, but to make a connection to something deeper in both them and ourselves.Buddha emphasizes how that connection between friends should be fostered since it reveals what we really are. After all, what is a friend but a person in whom we see the underlying unity of all living things? We love our friends because we understand them, we share with them, we feel connected to them. Aiding friendship leads to comradeship, which then leads to kinship, which eventually reveals that the separate selves of friends and us are not really separate at all. Walking together, being there for each other, we realize we cannot be ourselves apart from them.


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