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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

In the book and movie, A Walk to Remember, Jamie Sullivan made a list of the 100 things she wanted to do with her life.

This got me thinking, "What would be on my list"? You only live once in each lifetime , so one should make the most of it.

I recently found this website called

Here's the preliminary list of things I want to do. Short but respectable.

pretty_in_pink wants to do 17 things
Witness a miracle
create something beautiful
Meet the Dalai Lama
Be blessed by the Pope
explore the libraries in the Vatican City
study philosophy
practice latin
Visit Hong Kong
pratice chinese calligraphy
chinese paper art
travel more
Visit Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Florence and Sienna.
See the Great Pyramids
study Buddhism, Catholicism, and Judaism more
Be happy and make others happy too
become immortalized as a flavor of ice cream

Three things that I already did but want to do again are
make 1000 paper cranes
make 1000 paper stars
make my own clothes

I'm not kidding about the last wish. Maybe a sweet cold creamy confection in a lovely shade of pink. A berries and cream type flavor. Mmmmm...... Considering I'm so weight conscious, I'm thinking something along the line of Haagen-Dazz's Rasberry Sorbet and Vanilla Frozen Yogurt swirl but blended together to make berry pink color.

I can see it now-"Pretty in Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt" =)


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